Spirit Yachts build a range of “modern classic” yachts to extremely high standards.

Designed and built in association with Roger Scammell, Hercules provide custom deck hardware such as blocks, tracks and cars.

Mirror polished stainless steel mainsheet car & track. To customise, the Spirit logo and yacht name were spark eroded into the surface for this 100' luxury yacht.



Hercules are proud to have been asked to supply all the custom deck hardware, the steering system, and many other bespoke items on the first Arabian 100, a new class of 105’ trimaran.

Built in Australia, she is destined to be the first ever modern ocean racing boat to be assembled in the Middle-East and will become part of a select group of the longest sailing trimarans ever built.

She will join the Oman Sail Racing Team fleet as the largest sailing boat to be based in Middle-East region and, along with Musandam (ex-B&Q), form the embryo of a fleet of ocean racing boats based in the Arabian Peninsula.

A deck organiser designed by Roger Scammell and manufactured by Hercules from hard anodised aluminium, titanium & delrin.

Working with Richard Goss of Goss Innovations, Hercules assisted with the design and undertook the manufacture of a moving floor located within a woodchip skip. The floor feeds the fuel for Biomass Heating Systems in a number of industrial and local authority facilities.

The hydraulic ram shown is mounted to the underside of the skip, providing the reciprocating force to drive the moving floor.


Hercules are pleased to be involved with the ongoing care of this beautiful original J Class yacht dating from the 1930s.

Double (foreground) and single foot-blocks crafted from duplex stainless steel, aluminium sheaves and peak bearings.

Hercules have completed engineering works for many Multimarine vessels. Projects are often complex requiring both design and manufacturing input.

VSV "Mary Slim" after the retrofit of a fully adjustable bow foil, designed and built by Hercules to aid the vessels wave piercing performance.


Hercules has successfully completed the manufacture of a new cutting head for a dredger on behalf of Conbar UK Ltd, a Dredging Design and Research Company with over 35 years experience in the dredging field, with a world-wide reputation.

New hydraulic cutter head manufactured and assembled by Hercules.


Carpenter Oak Ltd. specialises in the design and construction of Timber Architecture including contemporary houses, barn-houses, extensions, conservatories, boathouses, cabins, garden structures, public buildings and timber engineering. Hercules have been involved in the design and manufacture of many engineered fixtures and fittings to complete the timber structures.

316L stainless steel wind-braces are one of many architectural features detailed and manufactured by Hercules.


A particularly interesting and challenging project. Working with Designer Nic Bailey, the requirement was to produce a non-powered method for eliminating the chlorine odour from a large house with an indoor pool area.


The solution utilises negative pressure created by the flow of the wind over the cowl. The cowl will spin to face the wind and due to the laws of fluid dynamics will draw air from the pool room. An internal cone with a sealing face can be manoeuvred to regulate or close the air flow.

Constructed from aluminium with an internal structure in stainless steel, the cowl was a challenging build, standing at over 2.5M tall with a base diameter of over 4M. Accurate surface modelling, lofting and plate rolling were essential.

A mixture of raw, natural timber and precise Hercules engineering is capable of providing very light, open and efficient structures.

A slotted oak beam uses studs and recessed pig nuts to clamp a fabricated end plate. The plate supports three adjustable tie bars to tension the system. All manufactured from 316 stainless steel.


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