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I am an independent designer who works mainly on mechanical designs and have been in engineering for forty years (didn’t want to confess that! Seems a long time), however it is experience and variety which helps with design in mechanical engineering.  In that time I have mainly worked with smaller mechanical components most of which have been for the marine trade.


Rope clutches and stoppers were my introduction to the marine environment and I have since then designed complete steering systems, rudder bearings to steering heads.  My rudder bearings were the first of the self aligning type that are now commonly produced.


Deck hardware is also still an ongoing work in development.  I design hardware for both racing yachts and super yachts in both lightweight alloys and plastics to fully polished jewellery for the super yachts.


My interest in hydrodynamics has given me the opportunity to design rudder blades and wings for power boats.  Components for hang gliders and bits for cameras also form part of the small, precise designs on which I work.


Over the past 20 years (Oh! I wish I hadn’t calculated that!) I have worked closely with Rob Crang at Hercules.  Together we have produced a huge range of marine hardware for customers all over the world.


Our collaboration has been beneficial to both of us.  I am able to initiate designs and keep a cool eye on how they go together, as Hercules is just down the road.  This also offers an additional benefit for some clients as they don’t have to manage the production themselves and are certain they will get exactly what was designed.


My projects have included: 

Velsheda Deck Gear • Adela Deck Gear • Shamrock Deck Gear • Rebecca Deck Gear

Spirit 100 Hardware And Bearings • Challenge Fleet Deck Hardware

B&Q Steering Systems And Deck Gear • Oman 100 Steering And Deck Gear

Fabricated Swinging Keels For Open 60s • Solid Keel Replacements

to name a few….

KEY Data book

In 1992 I produced a small laminated flip book with some useful data for the marine trade. I walk into offices and find these still in use and am often asked if I have any left.  So, in response to popular demand, I have now updated this to include a wider variety of information useful for all engineers.  Size 180 x 95mm


You can order this book direct from me for  £12 including postage. EU add £1: USA add £2


If you would like a copy please send either a postal order, cheque (payable to Roger Scammell)

or cash to:

Roger Scammell

2 Broad Steps

Old Road


Totnes  Devon


Telephone:  01803 732269


Or send me an email telling me how many copies you require and I will raise an invoice which may be paid via PAYPAL using credit or debit cards.

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